Search & Rescue (London)

The Hayward Gallery (London)

Future & Found (London)

Cassius & Coco (London)

Heals (London)

Geofleur (Hepworth Wakefield) 

The Dovecot Gallery (Edinburgh)

Frank (Whitstable)

The New Ashgate Gallery (Farnham)

The Harley Gallery (Nottinghamshire)

Unlimited, (Brighton) 

National Centre for Craft & Design (Sleaford)

Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange (Penzance)

Endpaper (Penzance)

Shedquarters (Online)

Further afield

Au Pont Rouge (St Petersburg)

Grünblaugrau Intérieur (Cologne)

Studio Gris (Tokyo)

Area Store (Copenhagen) * Coming Soon *